Kristian Riesbeck

Professor Kristian Riesbeck, MD, PhD, was born in 1962 and holds a professorship in Clinical Bacteriology at Lund University, Sweden. He is also a Senior Consultant in Clinical Bacteriology and Virology. Riesbeck graduated from Medical school in 1989, was registered as a physician in 1992, and presented his PhD thesis on Immunomodulatory effects of fluoroquinolones in 1994.

After two years as a Senior Postdoctoral Research Officer at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School in London, UK, he became Head of the Cell and Molecular Biology section at Pharmacia and Upjohn Research Laboratory in Lund. In 1999, Riesbeck returned to Lund University and was appointed as a full professor in 2008. Recent years he has been Head of Department of Laboratory Medicine Malmö and Deputy Dean at the Medical Faculty, Lund University. Riesbeck has supervised a total of 10 PhD students. In addition, he teaches medical students on their 2nd and 3rd year.

The current research interests of the Riesbeck laboratory and its staff are host/ pathogen interactions with emphasis on Gram-negative respiratory pathogens and the innate immune system. The long-term goal of the Riesbeck research lab is to define new vaccine candidates as an approach to combat serious infections and the emerging antibiotic resistance. Riesbeck has written more than 127 original publications as well as 21 reviews and book chapters.

Work phone: +46 40 33 84 94
Cell phone: +46 70 460 80 63
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Farshid Jalalvand PhD student (2011-2015), post doc (2015-2016)
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Therése Nordström PhD student (2001-2005), post doc (2008), Research coordinator (2012-2015)
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